"So good. So helpful. Feels like I’m having a conversation with a friend I’ve missed dearly."

"Helps me feel like I'm not alone in this (feeling, idea, stressor, or problem). I'll look forward to every conversation."

Candid convos on life: redefined.

A podcast that feels more like a private Voxer channel but more organized, with emoji title potential?


That's #onherterms expression to me.

Topics here may include, but are not limited to:

Fam. Biz. Creativity. Intuition. Health. Wealth. Mindset. REALationships. Travel. Pop culture (ahem, Bridgerton Season 2). And whatever else pops up along the way..

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  • 🎁 What does "presence" actually mean to you?
  • 🕒 Need to reset your goal (list, timeline)?
  • 🌱 Rebuilding trust + momentum after burnout
  • 💭 Can't hear yourself think? Try this.
  • 🔥 Savoring the process (a reframe for start-stop frustration)
  • ⚙️ Tired of overcomplicating things?
  • 🧐 The best biz model for YOU.
  • 📱 On marketing *without* social media
  • 🙈 Fear of making mistakes
  • 🎨 A practice of (im)perfectionism


Hi! I'm Nikki Elledge Brown. Professional word nerd and mom of three. I'm a creator, a coach, a military spouse, former park ranger and college professor with a penchant for almost excessive verbal processing. (See my Naptime Empires® podcast for evidence of that.)

My contribution to this On Her Terms® conversation centers around the fact that life is precious at every age and every stage. After a season of unexpected loss back in 2019, I was reminded that life isn't a dress rehearsal and no day is guaranteed. 

I was called to consider: What do I really want my life to look like? What do I want it to feel like? In every area of life, what are my terms for this season? When I get really honest and ditch the should dos and the have tos…what's left? What’s true? That's what I want to focus on here.

This podcast is a digital space to track that journey, to share MY field notes, to anchor in the stories and lessons I'm learning along the way, and to highlight the Qs, voices, and experiences of humans I love and respect who our living their own hashtag on her terms lifestyles and/ or somehow inspiring my own.

Join me here to refresh your OWN definitions of what matters most to you. Motherhood, entrepreneurship, creativity, relationships, spirituality, inspiration, REST, success, values and about a squillion other words and concepts that deserve thoughtful consideration.

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Nikki Elledge Brown

"Love hearing from you again!"

"Looking forward to every conversation. Your honesty (with us and with yourself) inspires me to practice the same."

"I always feel like you're speaking directly to me. T
hank you for bringing your podcast back!"